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Hundreds and Hundreds of Book Shop Students Hired Over The Years?

That's B.S.

That’s The Book Shop. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to get a job on the creative side of advertising and win some awards on the way to doing it! We offer creative concept classes for those interested in becoming Copywriters and Art Directors, which will help you to build a portfolio (otherwise known as “your book”) of ads so that you can go out and get a job at an ad agency, big or small!  We have been guiding students to finished portfolios and great jobs for over 25 years.  In fact, more & more former Book Shop students are working at some of the top agencies, in jobs that have taken them all the way up to Creative Director and Executive Creative Director levels. There is only one school here in LA that can say that!

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We offer classes in Los Angeles and Orange County (south of LA) and also have online courses with teacher feedback for anyone who lives outside of these areas!

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The Book Shop has online workshops available for anyone, anywhere who wants to put a portfolio together and get a job in the ad biz or even just to learn how to create ads for your own business!  We are happy to announce that the online courses are now available with instructor feedback!  Go to to sign up there if you live out of the LA area!


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Online Digital Course Now Available!!

Announcing our online Digital course! If you want to take a fantastic course about all the ins and outs of the digital side of the ad biz, this is the course to take. And you will have a Book Shop Instructor to help you with feedback on all of your assignments! Spread the word, our online Digital class is amazing and available at!

Lots of Student Hires in 2016!

Last year was amazing for Book Shop student hires! We had THREE students hired at RPA in Santa Monica, CA and another two at Saatchi & Saatchi as well as one hired at Pitch! There were so many job requests coming in we could barely keep up with them!

We are constantly getting calls for hiring students who are ready and finished with their portfolios so sign up now and this could be you next! Agencies know to contact The Book Shop when looking for fresh talent so you have come to the right place to get a portfolio together and get a great job as an advertising creative.

One Show Awards 2016 Update!!

This just in!  Book Shop students have won another award in the 2016 One Show Young Ones student competition!!  This is such great news, as there are tons of entries (around 6-8000 from around the world!) and a lot of great work to be judged.  We are so excited for our Book Shop teams and will show the work as soon as we can!

Don’t Miss The Next Seminar: How To Present With Confidence!

Seminar description:

Presenting & Responding Effectively: How To Present & Keep The Communication Productive When Selling Your Creative (Both in class & to your bosses and clients!)

Every creative wants to sell great work. So how do you present and communicate in a way that can help to achieve that goal? In this seminar you will learn teach how to present more confidently and get tools to better communicate your ideas to your instructors and ultimately to your bosses and clients as working professionals. You will also learn how to respond to client feedback in a way that keeps the conversation flowing and productive. This will help you walk away from meetings with a clearer vision so that you can easily incorporate their comments into your ads. The seminar will be rounded off with some fun exercises to get you thinking in new and different ways.

Here are what some of the recent attendee’s had to say — both students and already working professionals that have attended:

“There are so many ways to screw up a presentation to a client. This seminar, How To Present With Confidence, was very informative and insightful. I wish they had a class on presenting to clients when I was in school. If you’re like most creatives, presenting to clients can be scary and overwhelming. I would definitely recommend taking this seminar to gain control of your presentations.”
D. Martinez/Art Director

“This seminar made me feel much more confident in regards to creative presentations after hearing stories from a working professional about their own challenges and how they overcame them. The most important aspect I pulled from this seminar was the technique taught about eye contact. It’s not simply looking your audience in the eyes; it’s a tool to keep control of your tone, speed and even disengaged clients!”
M. Glidden/Copywriter

“Even as a working Copywriter with many years of presenting under my belt, I know that I can always improve. This seminar was another step on my path to becoming better at getting my work sold. Very worthwhile.”
H. Kaner/Copywriter