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Getting a great portfolio together doesn't have to cost a ton.

That's B.S.

That’s The Book Shop. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to get a job on the creative side of advertising. We offer creative concept classes for those interested in becoming Copywriters and Art Directors, which will help you to build a portfolio (otherwise known as “your book”) of ads so that you can go out and get a job at an ad agency, big or small!

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We offer classes in Los Angeles, Orange County (south of LA) and New York four semesters a year, depending on sign-ups.

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The Book Shop has online workshops available for anyone, anywhere who wants to put a portfolio together and get a job in the ad biz or even just to learn how to create ads for your own business!  These classes are currently “self taught” with weekly lessons via videos, examples and assignments.  We are currently working on making the online courses accessible to feedback, but they are very self explanatory now and many have signed up for them and built portfolios all on their own.


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One Show Awards!!

Exciting news! We just found out we won three more One Show awards at this year’s student competition. Congratulations to the entire Teams class and all The Book Shop teachers!

Online Classes Revamp!

We are really excited to be revamping our online courses so that they will include instructor feedback!  What this means is, if you live out of LA (If you live in or near LA, we still suggest you take classes “in person” so you can benefit from a class environment/feedback etc) you will be able to take our online classes and then submit your work for feedback each week.  So stay tuned…if all goes as planned, the site should launch before the end of the year!

The Book Shop in NY!

The Book Shop takes on the Big Apple! We are very excited to announce we are launching classes in New York City! So tell anyone you know who lives in NY and wants to get their creative portfolio together, to come to this site and sign up on our sign up page. We can’t wait to get our first semester underway!