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Hundreds and Hundreds of Book Shop Students Hired Over The Years?

That's B.S.

That’s The Book Shop. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to get a job on the creative side of advertising and win some awards on the way to doing it! We offer creative concept classes for those interested in becoming Copywriters and Art Directors, which will help you to build a portfolio (otherwise known as “your book”) of ads so that you can go out and get a job at an ad agency, big or small!  We’ve had thousands of students go through our program and have been guiding students to finished portfolios and great jobs for 30 years.  In fact, hundreds of former Book Shop students are working at some of the top agencies, in jobs that have taken them all the way up to Creative Director and Executive Creative Director levels. There is only one school here in LA that can say that!

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We offer classes in Los Angeles and also have online courses with teacher feedback for anyone who lives outside of these areas!

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The Book Shop has online workshops available for anyone, anywhere who wants to put a portfolio together and get a job in the ad biz or even just to learn how to create ads for your own business!  We are happy to announce that the online courses are available with instructor feedback!  Go to to sign up there if you live out of the LA area!


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2020–The Book Shop 32 Year Anniversary!!

Wow, 32 years has gone by since our first class with The Book Shop. Many students have passed through our doors (literally thousands) over these years and so many are now working at top level agencies all over the US and out in other parts of the world! And a handful of those creatives now teach with us. We hope to be helping you get a hire-worthy book for another 30 years!

Online Courses Available!

If you live outside of the LA area, you can still put a portfolio together! Just sign up for our online classes. You will be assigned your own individual instructor to look at your ad assignment each week via email and give you direct feedback. Many have done it and are in the process of doing it now! And if you are taking our classes “in person” but need to miss one semester, you can also sign up to take it online that semester so that you can then jump back in to “live” classes the following semester. Go to our online site to sign up there at:

More Student Hires in 2020!

2019 was a great year for Book Shop student hires and now we have had more hired in 2020! We had quite a few students hired at RPA in Santa Monica, CA between 2019 and 2020 and at Saatchi & Saatchi. We have had quite a few get hired out of LA in SF, Chicago and more. There have been so many job requests coming in we can barely keep up with them!

We are constantly getting calls for hiring students who are ready and finished with their portfolios so sign up now and this could be you next! Agencies know to contact The Book Shop when looking for fresh talent so you have come to the right place to get a portfolio together and get a great job as an advertising creative.

Four One Show Student Awards 2020!!

We are so excited! We won FOUR student One Show awards this year, including a Bronze award! What an amazing accomplishment for all of our students who worked so hard. Entries reach well over 5,000 worldwide each year, so to win any awards is amazing, but 4 including Bronze? We are so proud of our Book Shop students AND teachers, way to go!!