About Us

It can start with curiosity at first. Hmmm, this advertising thing looks interesting. Then maybe you see those cool guys from Mad Men decked out in their Hickey-Freeman suits swigging martinis, and curiosity escalates to “damn, that looks fun.” So you ask around, go on some sites to see how to actually make this happen. How can you get in on all the glitz and glamour? Well, maybe you’ve gone to the wrong site.

Glitz and glamour have long since left the building. What we offer you instead is a chance to work harder than you’ve probably worked at anything in your life. The chance to create big ideas that change companies. And those don’t happen by accident. But rather by chasing after them as if someone were stealing your children. Working with creative professionals who, since 1988, have been prodding and pushing and encouraging students to stay after the hunt long after the body wants to quit. Then and only then, those big ideas might just decide to find you. And so will some of the best most rewarding creative jobs in the ad business. Still interested? Then welcome to The Book Shop.