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The Book Shop is usually taught at various ad agencies in the L.A. area. We meet one night a week from 7:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. (classes are held on a week night Monday-Thursday, we don’t teach Fridays or weekends). We will only be contacting you when we know the specific dates and places for the upcoming workshops so do not expect an email until a new semester is starting which is usually about a month prior to the start date listed on our site.


How Much

The cost is $625 per nine-week semester (Our Art Direction 6-week Crash Course is the only class that is $425). Once you sign up here, you will be contacted when a new semester is starting by your teacher to confirm your attendance. (Important: PLEASE be sure to reply to the emails you receive from Book Shop immediately. It is how we keep track and if we don’t hear back from you, you risk losing your spot in class to someone else!!). You will then be directed back here to the “Pay” tab by your teacher. We accept credit card payment right here on our site. (But please do not pay until you receive a confirmation email from your teacher!)



Payments will be due in full a few weeks prior to the first class to secure your spot. There are no refunds given due to the fact that we commonly have waiting lists every semester. However, if you find that you are unable to attend or after attending no more than two classes that you can’t continue that semester, we will credit your paid amount towards taking the class again — as long as it’s within a year (credits are non-transferable).  Courses paid for on this site are for our “in person” classes only and the fees cannot be transferred to our online courses (nor can courses signed up for and paid for on that site be transferred to our in-person courses here).

Please fill out the form below to sign up. (You will NOT need to fill out this form more than once). You will then be contacted with details via email when a new semester is starting. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAMES.




If you have any further questions not answered on this website, contact us.



*Only those who have taken previous concept classes can sign up for a level other than Introductory. Please be sure to list other concept classes here if so: