Our students leave The Book Shop with a portfolio that showcases a wide range of skills. They have been able to hit the ground running at some of the top Ad agencies around the world, including:

Chiat Day, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dailey & Associates, Team One, Innocean, The Woo, Rubin Postaer & Associates, Campbell Ewald, David & Goliath, 72 & Sunny, Omelet, Davis Elen and Deutsch, Hammer Creative, Wunderman, just to name a few.

Hear what our students have to say about their time at The Book Shop:




"In this Introductory course, I learned so much about the world of advertising and how it all works. Each time our work was being critiqued, it felt like we were collaborating with a Creative Director to pitch an actual ad. Getting to see how each student came up with ideas was super interesting. I knew so little about this industry, just simply knowing I need to build a portfolio and having a class to help do that is super exciting. I will be recommending this class to all my friends who have the slightest interest in this industry."

P. Crawford
LA Intro/Fall '23

"In this Intro Book Shop course, receiving constructive feedback for assignments and learning how to improve from feedback provided to peers was great. Both instructors know the craft well and are committed towards ensuring you gain a deeper understanding. I would also suggest the Book Shop, because the class format on Zoom provides a more classroom-like approach and is helpful if you're not in LA."

l. Sinjali
LA Intro/Fall '23

"In this Intermediate class, I can now confidently say I have my process for creating ads down and I understand what I'm doing from beginning to end. I now know what a portfolio looks like and what might be portfolio worthy content. If you have even the slightest interest or curiosity about advertising, you should take Book Shop. It really clarifies what such a career can do for you and where it might take you."

T. Bernal
LA Intermediate/Fall '23

"In Advanced One, I really enjoyed making discoveries working as a team. The Instructor's feedback was incredibly encouraging but also provides accurate and thoughtful direction. If you are serious about creating a portfolio, The Book Shop is a no brainer."

M. Epstein
LA Advanced One/Fall '23

"In this Advanced Two class, working with a partner and deep dives on solid strategy were great. I've also gained a firmer understanding of how to build a creative brief and I am churning out solid, book-worthy ideas at a rate I would never have been able to do on my own."

C. O'Callaghan
LA Advanced Two/Fall '23

"The Instructor had a balanced teaching style of no bull meets firm belief and conviction in our abilities. In Teams, I learned more and more about my strengths and weaknesses each class. I enjoy where my weird ideas take me and loved pairing up with fellow students to create magic."

J. De Mase
LA Teams/Fall '23

"In Teams class I loved the fast pace, the Instructor's feedback and my classmates/partners. This class makes you think about how to present ideas in the most professional and polished way and I think I will have another great campaign in my book after this semester. Definitely take Book Shop if you're ready to jump into the world of advertising. It will push you to grow in so many ways."

S. Gauthier
LA Teams/Fall '23

"This Copy class has taught me a lot about the day to day of a copy job. I got to write a commercial and get tips on improvement. I got to read and listen to a lot of interesting ads during class and I'm thinking more about my campaigns working as commercial and radio spots. This program really dives into the details of making a book and a campaign. You don't have to know much about advertising to start and by the end you'll feel quite proficient!"

E. Phillips
Copy/Spring '23

"In this Digital 6-week class, I thought the assignments were creative and allowed for thinking about ads in new ways. I felt more room to try out of the box stuff. I think this class really pushed my ads closer to making the portfolio cut. Just the practice of taking ideas so much further was beneficial. Take this class when offered. The teacher is continually invested in students and inspires them to push their creative potential."

J. Speers
LA Digital Creative/Fall '23

"In my Art Direction course I've gained a fresh perspective on my visuals. Sometimes, we get so fixed on an idea that it becomes challenging to explore different directions. However, I've learned to keep an open mind and experiment with new styles and techniques to better express my creative ideas. Taking The Book Shop has been a valuable experience that has pushed me to step out of my comfort zone, explore new creative ideas, and strengthen my skills."

G. Colaneri
AD/Layout Crash Course/Fall '23


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