Our students leave The Book Shop with a portfolio that showcases a wide range of skills. They have been able to hit the ground running at some of the top Ad agencies around the world, including:


Chiat Day, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dailey & Associates, Team One, Rubin Postaer & Associates and Deutsch, just to name a few.


Hear what our students have to say about their time at The Book Shop:




"I now understand the quality necessary for a great portfolio, and the steps I need to take in order to achieve that quality. The Book Shop will give you the tools to be successful. I loved how the instructors provided sharp critiques of my assignments that allowed me to clearly understand."

J. Kausch
LA Intro/Summer '17

"I feel like this class has helped set the foundation in my journey to becoming a writer. It begins with a commitment to yourself and the process, and I'm grateful for having made the commitment. The instructors were super on their game, supportive, and critical while being understanding of where we're at in the process."

C. Nordin
LA Intro/Summer '17

"This class opened up a world of different ways in which I can approach a product/brand to create a creative concept. It definitely strengthened my concepting skills which is the foundation of creating great ads for a great portfolio. I'm horrified to think that I almost didn't take this class!"

C. Kitagawa
LA Intermediate/Summer '17

"Both teachers were very committed and clearly cared about the class and our projects. They regularly stayed late to finish up critiques. I learned a lot more about insights in ad campaigns, and I feel like my eye for good advertising has improved. If you want to get into advertising and don't want to spend 4-5 years and a fortune taking prereqs and other classes you don't need, look no further!"

E. Lee
LA Advanced One/Summer '17

"It was great that the instructor took the time to truly mentally digest my ideas and communicate his feedback in a clear manner when I didn't understand why things weren't working. I also learned how to critically break down my work to the tiny details that make up the whole idea. I'd recommend this program to anyone who wants to be a Copywriter or Art Director and trying to get into advertising."

K. Izquierdo-Gallegos
LA Advanced Two/Summer '17

"The instructor motivates you to push it further, both creatively and effort wise. In this class, I got a firmer grasp of the actual components of a 360 campaign and got better at working creatively within a team."

J. McCafferty
LA Teams/Summer '17

"The thorough critiques, the collaborations, and seeing a campaign created from start to finish were some of my favorite things about this class. I like how thorough the instructor was and how enthusiastic he is about our work. If you're even just a little bit interested, The Book Shop is a great place. The instructors are thorough and know what they're talking about."

JE Aragon
LA Teams/Summer '17

"I think what I have improved upon the most was making every word count even when I have to do long copy and learning how to write copy that requires copy points. If you're thinking about getting into advertising, the Book Shop is a great, affordable way to help prepare you for a career."

T. Scott
Copy/Spring '17

"This class gave me a better understanding of advertising in the digital space. I love messing with the digital realm so I had a lot of fun in this class. I can confidently say that my ideas are improving after each course. I didn't know much about advertising prior to taking classes at The Book Shop. This program is worth it if you are interested in breaking into the ad industry."

T. Chiang
LA Digital Creative/Winter '17

"In this crash course, I learned how to take my ideas and execute them. The instructor was concise with feedback, patient and extremely helpful. This was one of my most favorite courses. I am close to completing a campaign. Woo hoo!"

Y. Heine Bonifacio
AD/Layout Crash Course/Summer '17


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