Our students leave The Book Shop with a portfolio that showcases a wide range of skills. They have been able to hit the ground running at some of the top Ad agencies around the world, including:


Chiat Day, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Dailey & Associates, Team One, Innocean, The Woo, Rubin Postaer & Associates, Campbell Ewald, David & Goliath, 72 & Sunny, Omelet, Davis Elen and Deutsch, Hammer Creative, Wunderman, just to name a few.


Hear what our students have to say about their time at The Book Shop:




"The Book Shop Intro class has given me direction, a clear vision of where I want to be and what I need to do to get there. I appreciated the Instructor's expertise and the time taken on each students' work. I've already told people to hop on board. I tell them it makes so much more sense than entering a college program: cost, time commitment, and learning from people IN a business that is constantly changing with the times."

J. Vallieres
LA Intro/Summer '22

"The Book Shop definitely made me think more visually, with as a Copywriter is invaluable when working with designers. As a writer, it helped me look past the words, as important as they are, and look at the big picture of what makes an ad tick. If you want to start concepting ads with people who know the business well, this is one of the best places to go, especially for working folks who would have difficulty taking classes during the day."

E. Orsi
LA Intro/Summer '22

"In the Intermediate class, I am developing a real process and work ethic for concepting ideas. This course gives you a picture of what it takes to build a strong portfolio. The Book Shop will give you all the tools to be a successful creative advertiser. All you have to do is make it your priority and put in the time that the craft & classes deserve."

S. Moor
LA Intermediate/Summer '22

"In the Advanced One class, I think overall my creative process has been getting stronger because we've been practicing for some time now. Ideas are coming to me more naturally and I'm discovering what tools best work for me while I'm concepting. With the support from The Book Shop, I feel confident in putting together a strong porfolio and reaching out to the right people to help me get there. I recommend Book Shop 100%."

I. Lobo
LA Advanced One/Summer '22

"While working with a single brand in Advanced Two, there was time to really delve into extensions and unearth some unique thinking. The time with partners alone is worth it. Putting in the work is the most important key. Creativity opens the door but being able to concept through the challenges and staying open to ideas with partners takes you further."

C. McCumby
LA Advanced Two/Summer '22

"My ads in the Teams class, have a strong tie to their creative briefs and I look more closely at their purpose and intent when creating good art-directed ads. The Book Shop has helped me create campaigns that I can talk confidently about. This program really helps boil down the creative thinking behind creating ads."

A. Hernandez
LA Teams/Spring '22

"My instructors were Insightful and willing to help each person. Conceptual thinking wise, it has helped immensely as I am able to churn out concepts faster at work. Take Book Shop and you won't regret it! You'll gain a lot from such a short time."

B. Chu
LA Teams/Spring '22

"This Copy class has made me a better writer and prepared me to handle each aspect of copy that I'll need to complete my portfolio. I liked the diverse assignments that provided us with a more complete understanding of the work we'll be doing as copywriters. If you're seriously interested in Copywriting, take the copy class. It is absolutely worth it."

C. Russell
Copy/Spring '22

"My instructor really made me think about emotions in advertising and how emotions can be used tomake powerful and heartwarming advertisements. I thought more about how to visually express emotion and to convey human truths. He also had an incredible process formula I learned a lot from and now use for all my projects in this class and others. I learned about platforms and tones and voices of ads. Take the Digital class!"

J. Dinwiddie
LA Digital Creative/Winter '22

"This Art Direction Crash Course was the first Book Shop class that I had one-on-one time with the instructor and I really enjoyed it. He was supportive. very warm and welcoming from the outset and was consistent in encouraging and offering advice on ways to improve the campaigns I was working on. The ads are more visually appealing and better incorporate the design elements (Logos etc.) into the ad so that each element is contributing visually."

A. Perlstein
AD/Layout Crash Course/Summer '22


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